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Anderson Supplies Rental Agreement


Reservation / Rental:

Quotes and Estimates do not guarantee availability of rental items and delivery. All quotes and estimates are valid for seven days.  Reservation is confirmed with signed rental agreement with a 25% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. Quoted prices are based on information presented to Anderson Supplies and are subject to change based on customer requirements or additional information.


Cancellations/Payment: Cancelled or changes made to reservation on day of delivery, customer will be charged for all rental items and any delivery fees incurred. All sales and transactions are final. Final balance will be due 48 hours before scheduled delivery or pickup appointment. Failure to pay balance in full 48 hours in advance customer will forfeit reservation and deposit.  

Any changes made within 48 hours of reservation are nonrefundable. If customer has credit Anderson Supplies will credit customer account to use at later date. If customer decides not to reschedule or use credit for later date customer will forfeit sale. Customer has one year from original reservation date to use credit, or it will be forfeited.  

Anderson Supplies must have a final count of items requested seven days prior to event.  Additional items or changes made from original quote/invoice will not change the NON-REFUNDABLE deposit amount. Customer must provide Anderson Supplies with a final inventory count 7 days prior to delivery or pickup.



Delivery / Pickup Service:

Delivery will be made at the closest residential or commercial building parking area. Additional charges will be incurred for locations with stairs /elevators, or any area that will require additional time for delivery.  Rental items will be stacked in designated area requested by customer with access to building upon arrival.  Any delays resulting in wait time or return trips for Anderson Supplies will result in additional fees added. Setup/breakdown is not included with delivery but can be requested at time of reservation with an additional fee. 

Rentals must be stacked and ready to load at time of pick up. If rentals are not stacked and ready to load, additional breakdown fee will be added. Customer should inspect and count all rental items to ensure reservation is accurate and acceptable upon pickup or delivery.  If customer does not inspect rentals at time of pickup/delivery, Anderson Supplies will consider reservation is correct and acceptable. Customer does not need to be present for delivery, but it is recommended. Customer will be notified of expected time from for delivery/pickups.

All pickups and returns are by appointment only.  Customer will confirm appointment for pick and returns upon reservation.  If customer is 15 minutes late for pickup appointment customer will be allowed one reschedule appointment or delivery if time permits. If customer is late for appointment Anderson Supplies will not hold or guarantee reservation.  Anderson Supplies has the right to refuse reschedule or delivery request if customer is late and no refund will be issue. If customer cannot make return appointment customer will be allotted on reschedule appointment or can request delivery. If customer cannot make return appointment and requests Anderson Supplies to pick up customer will be charged full delivery fee. If customer does not reschedule and not make appointment to return rentals customer will be charge a late fee of $75 each day the rentals are not return.

Tent Preparation: Please ensure site for tent is clear and ready for setup prior to Anderson Supplies estimated arrival time. Be sure to inform Anderson Supplies of any and all possible hinders such as cables, gas lines, landscaping and or piles. Please note Anderson Supplies is not responsible for any damages. Customer must disclose any all hinderance or potential hazards prior to set up. Please note that tents are temporary structures and are not meant to be used in extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain, strong wing, hail or a thunderstorm. Anderson Supplies has the right refuse tent setup if the area or weather is deemed unsafe for use. If its deemed unsafe for use Anderson Supplies has right to refuse setup and issue no refund. Customer agrees to immediately stop use in the case of hazardous or dangerous weather.


On-Site Service.  Anderson Supplies does not include setup or break down in prices. This service can be requested at time of contact.  Anderson Supplies will only setup/breakdown our rental items. (excludes event planners/event decorators) Anderson Supplies will not set up or breakdown rentals from other vendors, rentals companies, or customers. Anderson Supplies reserves the right to refuse setup/breakdown request made onsite.  Customer is responsible to breakdown all rental items prior to scheduled pickup time. If rentals are not stacked and ready to load upon arrival customer will be charged additional breakdown fees.


Damaged or Lost Items: While Anderson Supplies is providing tables and chairs the customer will assume full responsibility while in their possession. Customer agrees to follow and ensure proper use of tables and chairs. Customer will keep and maintain safety rules and assume any and all risk of injury arising out of table or chair failure due to improper use.  If tables and chairs are damaged due to misuse, abuse or while in customer possession customer will be invoiced the replace the damaged or broken item. Customer agrees to replace or pay cleaning fee if rentals return damaged dirty or lost.



Customer Agreement

By signing, client acknowledges, has reviewed, and agreed to both the invoice and rental agreement sent via email. Client has reviewed and agrees that invoice is correct and accurate including rentals/services, delivery address/date and time. Client agrees invoices reflects all communications made with Anderson Supplies via phone, text and email. If invoice is incorrect or does not reflect communications made with Anderson Supplies prior to delivery or pick up appointment, customer will be responsible for any additional fees or charges.



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